Nostalgia: PlayStation 1

My first foray into video games besides the educational kids games and vague memories of playing Sonic on my dad’s Sega Genesis is the PlayStation 1. I remember my mother getting the console for my dad for Christmas one year, and somewhere down the line it became mine.

I can remember going to my father’s best friends home and playing Spyro while the adults were all outside. I fell in love immediately and asked to have my own copy of the game and eventually the sequels. I would also play Zelda and Pokemon Blue on the Game Boy Color for the first time at this house as well. Spyro from that point on became a staple in my house and I love replaying them even to this day. Though these days I have a shiny updated version.

I also was ‘playing’ Twisted Metal 2 with absolutely no idea what was actually going on. I just wanted to find all the secret places in the game. One of the other game we owned for it was Rugrats: Search for Reptar. I was a huge Rugrats fan and as a child I loved that I could play this game. I can remember Chuckie being chased by a goose, the supermarket level, aliens, playing mini golf, and so much more. I always loved playing the mini golf level with Angelica because I would always have her search inside the pyramid to try and find the middle. I also had the sequel where they go to Paris as well.

Lastly was Crash Bandicoot. He existed in many forms in my house from the main trilogy to racing, and even CrashBash. We spent many hours as a family racing each other and hating the crystal challenges. I can also remember going to friends houses and playing some of their games. I have vague memories of playing a Barbie or Mary-Kate and Ashley Horseback riding game at one of my childhood friends home, but I can’t remember it that well. I’m sure I am forgetting a bunch of other games I played on here too.

When it came to the PlayStation 1, there was a lot of bonding between many different family members and friends. A lot of frustration as well, but we always had fun. If there are any PS1 games you played let me know down below.

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