How Skyrim Helped Me Through a Rough Time

The first time I had really gotten into Skyrim was fall of 2013. I had owned the game for a while, but was more interested in other games. I had taken the semester off from college and I was not in the best place mentally, so I started playing Skyrim. So it holds a very special place in my heart.

I loved just exploring and discovering new places on the map. Seeing if I can climb the mountain in a way that should not be possible just to discover a new location. It was a good distraction in a time where I really needed one. Plus it was a great bonding moment for my roommates and I. We would just sit there, hang out, and laugh over all the glitches that happened.

I love going back over and over with a new character and trying stories I haven’t done before or missed. I recently got purchased the game on PC and I am super excited about a new playthrough. Also the fact that I can actually add mods to the game because I’ve only played on Xbox 360 and PS4. Let’s be honest, there isn’t that much to work with on PS4.

I’ve gotten some suggestions from friends of what to put in my game and I’m so excited to try some of them out. I also just want to play some of the Beyond Skyrim mods because I have been drooling over them for years. I need new stories to play in this game which I’ve played many times over.

The main two races I’ve played as are High Elf and Breton. I decided in this new game, I would bring over my PS4 High Elf, Elarinya, because I have not gotten that far in her story. So I’m excited to create her with some of the mods I’ve downloaded. See what new stories I can create. This game ever gets old for me and I love replaying it over and over again.

Let me know(if any) what mods you like to play with in your game. I’m also thinking about starting an Oblivion playthrough soon.

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