Writing a Novel Pt. 1

I’m kind of hoping to make this a series to share my progress and just rant a little bit about it. It will also be nice to look back at this and see how far I’ve gotten or not.

I’ve been coming up with book ideas probably since I was a freshman in high school. Most days I hope that I have progressed more than this, but then again you are your own worst critic. I’ve had many ideas since then and I hope to one day go back and revisit them.

There are two main book ideas that have been on the forefront of my mind for a couple of years. One of which clocks in at about 80 pages plus what little scenes I have written outside of that. The book focuses on many different fantasy settings that the main character daydreams up.

My other idea focuses on a witchy town with a mystery to solve has about 10 pages, but I have been writing some small vignettes on top of that to be added into the story eventually. I probably have some pages floating around both electronically and physically somewhere. I have so many slips of paper from work that I’ve written on just hanging around in random places.

I’ve started keeping a notebook near me at all times. Even if it’s to jot down a small plot point or idea, so I don’t forget by the time I get home. Sometimes the smallest idea can bloom into something massive. That is actually how my second book idea came to be.

The main 2 things I’ve been focusing on is the world building is the world building and the magic system. A very important when you are taking on an idea as big a witches and make it your own. It has also been holding me up writing anymore because I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I’ve taken to organizing everything with binders and dividers to help me sort information.

The magic system has probably taken me the longest. I’ve had to talk myself into focusing on the main set of characters and those who will be featured in the story. Otherwise, I would be stuck on this step forever. I can always expand later if need be.

I had almost the same issue with the creation of the town. I had to narrow my focus on places that my characters will be the most and working my way out from there. I can slowly expand the town as I go along, but I have a good portion done now.

I’ve also gotten a good handle on a tentative outline of the whole book. So I am excited to begin working on the bulk of the book and see where the characters take me.

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