Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

2019 was a year of playing new games for me. I wanted to pick this up when it came out, but I am glad I waited on it. Plus the days of play sale was great discount and incentive to pick it up. It also became an adventure setting up my external hard drive to my PS4 because I needed more space and didn’t want to give up my Witcher 3 progress.

Here’s the basics, I went with Kassandra, I am playing through guided mode, and I love the assassin’s skill line. I chose guided mode because this is the first assassin’s creed game I’ve actually played myself. I’ve watched friends and family play many times, but at the time I was probably more interested in playing the Sims and Spyro instead.

I have been really enjoying the main story line so far. Plus the history nerd inside me is literally screaming at all times. I’m like historical figure, beautiful setting, and then that leads me down the dark hole late at night looking up maps now vs then. There is so much to just get lost in, so sometimes I have so many quests to compete and I’m just following something new on the map.

In terms of my play style, I chose to focus heavily on the assassin’s skills and then the warrior skills. I am now filling out the hunter skill line, but I don’t use it very often. Except when I am running away from a Minotaur trying to smash me into a million pieces.

I’ve put nearly a hundred hours in over the last month and it has definitely been an enjoyable hundred hours. I love so many things about the game; the story, Barnabas and crew, Alkibiades, knowing who the leader of the cult is because of a smile, and so much more. One thing I could do without is the naval battles. I am so terrible at them and try to avoid them at all costs. Sometimes making sure you made the right decision can be annoying especially when you are playing the character a certain way.

I enjoy the way the mythology is woven in here and every time I get to a knew part of it, I get so excited. I’m excited to see what more I am going to uncover in the future. I just finished the Olympics quest line and I’ll probably get distracted on some side quest next.

I still have so much more to, so maybe I will put up another post with tons of spoilers when I finally finish the game and let you know my final thoughts. If you played what are some of your favorite moments?

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