Fairyloot July Unboxing

When I first saw the theme for July, Magic in the City, I knew I had to purchase this box. Plus there was going to be a lot of great bookish items included. From Harry Potter, to Shadowhunters, and even Percy Jackson, it just felt like it was going to be a magical box.

It’s hard to pick a favorite item, but I am going to have to go with the Shadowhunters mug. It has all 3 institutes and their main characters standing in front of them. I loved seeing the Infernal Devices crew because they are probably my favorites.

We also got a pin banner which is Percy Jackson themed. I have to say that I was so happy with the color palette of this item because it will fit so well with the theme of my one print wall. It’s pink and purple themed with some small hints of orange throughout.

As for Harry Potter, we got a lovely enamel necklace of Diagon Alley with the dragon atop Gringotts. As well as the tarot cards of Sun and Moon depicting Ron Weasley and Luna Lovegood on them respectively.

We got some Curse so Dark and Lonely merch in the form of a candle. I’ll admit that I was so excited about the box that I missed the name of the candle at first. The Princess of Disi still makes me laugh and smells of cotton, vanilla, cinnamon. You can look for my review of that book hopefully soon. We also received a coin purse inspired by the Girl at Midnight as well.

Now to the theme of this box and book, we get a mug ring and a fortune cookie. The mug ring is a beautiful nine-tailed fox with roses surrounding it and I cannot wait to use it. The fortune cookie was filled with a YA book quote and mine was from Six of Crows. Then we get to the book of the month, Wicked Fox by Kat Cho. Which I had just purchased the week before, so now my friend is getting my old copy and I have this beautiful version with magenta sprayed edges. I honestly cannot wait to give this a read.

I’ll leave a link to the Goodreads page if you want to check it out.

So overall was the box worth the money? Absolutely and now that they have a US distribution center, it makes the box a bit cheaper. I’ll probably hold off on next months box, but I am hoping to get a subscription in the future.

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