Nostalgia: Adventure Quest and Dragon Fable

I was looking in one of my drawers when I found the post it note that had my username and password to an online RPG that I played years ago. Adventure Quest was the one I remembered the most, so naturally I had to check it out. Was it the same as I remembered it and how had it changed.

The first sad thing was that while I still had an account, my character saves were all gone. Plus my Dragon Fable stuff was all gone. So I had to create a brand new character for each one. I’ll be talking about Adventure Quest the most because I spent the most time with that one. Though Dragon Fable had more character creation options.

I also had to download their game launcher because it wouldn’t run in the browser. The character creation was exactly the same. The vague memories I have of it fit s the picture exactly.

Screenshot (18)

Much of Adventure Quest was exactly the same, but there were elements that I don’t remember happening at the beginning. There wasn’t really much of a direction to go in story wise at times. I went into a Warlic’s shop and somehow I ended up choosing a quest that was way to high for my current level.

The quest itself, a complete ripoff of Doctor Who except it stars Dr. Voltabolt. He had two children named Gallie and Fray, they traveled through time in their Z.A.R.D.I.S. and their mortal enemies were called Saleks. The Saleks were salt shaker Dalek. It was an interesting experience for sure.

I remember most of the main characters that help you like Age Ulden, Artix, Warlic, and there was a female character who was modeled after Robin Hood. I think her name was Robina. I also remember that younger me wanted to romance Warlic if that was an option.

Dragon Fable (1)When it comes to Dragon’s Fable, I only faintly remember it. I think I played a warrior, but I could have been wrong. I decided to have a bit of fun in character creation and I gave her white hair and periwinkle blue skin.

This game is one that very much breaks the fourth wall and I don’t remember that at all. Though the game is very different, the battle system is completely the same. The music is also that tugged on my memories as well as Captain Rolith. The story also seems to work much more linear than Adventure Quest.

I played some of these games so long ago that they could have changed so much, and I wouldn’t even remember. I think that there was one iteration of one of these games that they completely got rid of and made a brand new game. I could also be thinking of another game I played and can’t remember the name of.

I think that I want to go on a nostalgia journey and go through some old games that I used to play. Some games are being remastered which I absolutely love and I am excited for like in June when Crash Team Racing comes out.

Let me know what old games you used to play.





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