Taking Bookish Quizzes

The easiest bookish quizzes to find are the Harry Potter ones. So that is where I decided to start off before making my way forwards.

I’ve taken the Pottermore quiz multiple times and this does including the old version. Every time I’ve always come up Hufflepuff. I decided to take the BuzzFeed quiz and the extended one on Wizardmore.


Screenshot (9)

The results of these were pretty in line with what I was thinking in terms of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Though the second one surprised me in that Ravenclaw and Gryffindor took over Hufflepuff. I guess this means I’m a pretty well balanced individual but in the HP universe does this mean that I am a hat stall?

Then I decided to take some Shadowhunters quizzes. I could definetly see how I would get Alec because he was one of the characters I felt most connected to both in the books and the show. Then for which supernatural being I am in the universe, I was excited to get warlock. I love all things magic, so this was pretty cool.

Screenshot (4)

Screenshot (5)

Skipping to the next universe, I took some Percy Jackson quizzes. I got Athena twice and Hermes once. It is definetly interesting to see how your choices affect the outcome. Sometimes I just had to pick an answer because the one I wanted was not listed.

Screenshot (6)

Screenshot (14)

Screenshot (13)

Lastly I decided to take quizzes to see what books I should read next. I thought it sounded like an interesting quiz and I was curious to see what I would get.

Screenshot (11)


I have been meaning to read this series, but I was taking a break after I finished the Throne of Glass Series. I had never heard of the first one, but I am definitely curious in checking it out. If anything, this helps my TBR.



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