Playing Elder Scrolls Online as an Introvert

I’ll be the first to admit that online multiplayer games are kind of intimidating. I’m always nervous about playing them for a multitude of reasons. The first of which is literally just the anxiety of playing with the other players. I am very much a solo gamer and I quite enjoy the story telling elements of them.

Yet I was always interested about Elder Scrolls Online. Skyrim is a game I loved and put so much time into. It was also something my college roommates and I bonded over when we were getting to know each other. So I was very excited for it to continue on into something else, but the online part stopped me for a long time. I’m always a little late to the party with games.

Then I saw they put out a Summerset Isles expansion and it was on sale on Black Friday, so I jumped on it. I also heavily googled if it was possible to play it solo. Though I will say that I do enjoy that I can play with some of my friends especially when the quests get harder.

I also get quite nervous when someone sends a friend request or asks me to join a group with them that I don’t know. It is one of the biggest things I had against playing. I literally accepted a friend request 12 hours later and after talking to a friend and my sister. I’m still working on the social part.

I like to play through the story lines because they are so interesting. It can also get super annoying when someone is just throwing around spells for no reason. I’m just to here to see what the characters are trying to say and move on to the next quest.

I also spent a lot of time in character creation, but then again I always do. There were so many more options in creating the character and I was second guessing my choices. I also was waffling on which class to pick and eventually settled on sorcerer.

Another downside is that my computer absolutely hates being inside of hub cities. It takes forever to load and I always can tell there is a lot of people there when I’m just trying to find someone.

Yet, it really is quite fun. So if you were unsure about playing this game, I would definitely give it a try. You can also play through it solo and sometimes when you are struggling someone higher level comes through and helps you out.


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