Character Study: Cath

I recently picked up the paperback version at target because how could I not. This version of the book has my favorite color out of all the covers, seafoam green. Plus the outside of the pages are dyed to match and we get new beautiful art inside. There is art of Cath and Levi snuggled up on the couch while she reads him Carry On and it is so amazing. I had just decided to do some character studies and Cath was of course my first choice after this.

One of the best things about Cath is that she is such a flawed character. When you have a main character they can’t be perfect or their would be no development. So most writers create usually one large flaw that the main character has to work around. Cath works through her flaws in such a refreshing way in a sea of main characters. Her flaws feel realistic, fitting their way into her character in a way that doesn’t feel fake, or just a formula that people believe works.

I could go on and on about how relatable her character is and I have, but I’ll try to be brief. Her mental anxieties as well as her father is a great example of how everyone deals with (or doesn’t deal with) anxiety and depression. Everyone goes through it in a different way and not everyone has all of the same symptoms. It isn’t textbook which makes it work well.

Cath is such a well written character that she invokes emotions from not only the characters around her, but the reader as well. She has a different connection to everyone she interacts with which can overlap at times.

  • Father: Worry
  • Mother: Anger
  • Wren: Connection, Sadness
  • Levi: Relationship, Safety
  • Reagan: Friendship, Jealousy
  • Simon Snow: Comfort

Overall, she experiences love or the lack thereof from every one of these characters. Levi becomes the first real relationship outside of her love for Simon Snow. Wren is her twin and even though their relationship evolved during the book, the love is still there. Her parents are on opposite ends of the spectrum for Cath and that’s okay because everything does not have to be perfect. Reagan becomes one of her first friendship made outside of being Wren’s twin and the one to drag Cath out of her comfort zone.

In the end, Cath comes out the other side a stronger person. She is able to welcome Wren back into her life without too much resentment. Levi allows her to continue to be who she is and do what she loved with him by her side. Reagan gives Cath the chance to break out of her shell a little bit even if she doesn’t want to. She learns that it is her choice in who is allowed in her life and in what ways.

I tried not to make it too long hopefully, but I wanted to write about one of my all time favorite characters. I hope to do more of these in the future, so if you have a suggestion let me know in the comments.


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