Dragon Prince Season 2

Netflix’s Dragon Prince season 2 was an honest delight. A friend and I like to get together, eat food, and watch shows. This time we only planned on watching a few episodes, but we ended up binging the whole season. It probably helped by the fact that each episode ended on a cliffhanger.

Much of what bothered me about season one was not a problem here. The pacing of the season was definitely better than I expected it to be. The slight change in animation style helped as well. In season one, there was something jarring about the animation that was not present in season two.

The characters had time to develop much more over these nine epiosdes. Whether it was personally, emotionally, for better or worse, these characters are changing. Some characters are heading down a darker path while others are beginning to find themselves in a good way.

We get to meet a ton of new characters which some better than others. We get more dragons including the most adorable baby dragon, Zym. We get to meet new races of elves and some of them have intentions that we are not privy to yet. Overall, this season has been great for world building.

Usually world building is saved for the first season, but it is the opposite here. The first season was all about meeting our cast and the first part of their journey. Season two just takes that and runs with it. The story became so enrapturing.

Spoilers start here

I’m going start off with the adorable Zym because baby dragon. He’s a curious dragon, but also a bit of a scaredy cat. He has no desire to learn how to fly, but he eventually does it because he wants to help. Plus Ezran tells him he can do it. When he finally learns to fly and blocks the sun is so wonderful.

The guardian of the Moon Nexus is talented with Illusion. She is supposed to be protecting the nexus, but she wasn’t that threatening. She just allows Claudia and Soren to just wander in and for Claudia to use dark magic. She tells Callum that there is no way a human could learn their magic because they were not born with the arcanum inside them.

We got to explore more of Ezran’s powers over talking to animals. Not only that, but at the end we learn of his special connection with Zym. There is literally a scene where the two of them are sleeping and whatever way Ezran moved, Zym copied it. Bait spends most of this season jealous of Zym, but he forges a new connection with Callum.

We get more of Corvus, who I enjoyed the split second we got of him in the last season. His dedication to his now king, Ezran was admirable. It was also sad that this was how Ezran found out his father was dead. He decided that this was the moment that he had to step up and become king. There are now two children rulers in the human kingdoms.

Ananya choosing not to follow the rest of the human leaders and turn down Viren was great. The whole time my friend and I were shouting don’t believe him. Viren had a hand in each of these situations.

Queen Sarai is an amazing character and I wish we would get more of her. When I was discussing this with friends, we were like what if she didn’t die and she’s still in Xadia. The argument her and the king had when they were training was so beautiful.

The King’s letter shows another side to Viren’s story and a new path of freedom for Callum and Ezran. We also get so much backstory for the king and his whole family.

Callum’s character has come a long way. Though he does relapse during his scenes with Claudia. I can tell you right now that I don’t ship that at all. I didn’t like how he used dark magic, but I loved that he was finally able to understand the Sky arcanum. He kept saying that he had a connection, but he couldn’t figure it out.

Human Rayla’s impressions of other humans was so scarily accurate. It was absolutely hilarious. Plus in that episode we get to meet Captain Villads and Berto. Berto helps him by being his eyes at times because he is blind in both eyes. He literally has two eye patches. He gives Rayla helpful advice, and Callum the thought that he has some connection to an arcanum as a human.

Claudia’s character seems as if she is going to go down a dark path. She makes me think that Viren was just like her when he started using dark magic and she could go the same way.

Soren tries so hard to please his father even when he doesn’t want to do what he has been told. When he gets hurt, he get so excited that he won’t have to hurt anyone anymore. Though it was his fault that the dragon finally attacked because he provoked it. hopefully we get to see his character take a new direction. It will be interesting to see if this will put the siblings on opposing paths.

We got to see General Amaya and the Sun Elves battle it out multiple times. Amaya is pretty good at knowing when to retreat. Plus she shows us all how amazing she is especially in combat.

Viren spends the whole season going to down a darker and darker path. He finally figures out what the mirror is and he meets Aaravos. A Startouch elf who definitely helps him along this path. Aaravos is a mysterious character who we know the least about and what he actually wants.

We end the season with Callum, Rayla, and Zym finally making it to Xadia. Yet the way is blocked by Sol Regem, the Archdragon of the Sun.

Overall, I give this an 8.5/10 stars. It was a journey that was filled with ups and downs, but works so well.


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