Kingdom Hearts III

I wasn’t quite sure if I was even going to post this, but I decided to just push through and post it. I am also going to apologize for how long this is considering it’s sitting in my word doc as about a little over 4 pages.

I have been impatiently waiting for the next Kingdom Hearts game to come out for years. It wasn’t hard for me to fall in love with these games seeing as it combined both Disney, fantasy and video games. It was a match made in heaven for me.

That being said, this is probably the fastest I have ever beaten a Kingdom Hearts game. I beat the game in about 4 and a half days and a total of 37:43:35 hours. The 37 hours is mostly from me grinding and trying to find all of the hidden Mickeys, so I could unlock the hidden movie.

KINGDOM HEARTS Ⅲ_20190202182852

They wrapped up the main storylines that have been brewing over multiple games. All leading up to the final battle with Xehanort. Seeing Young Eraqus and Young Xehanort was such a beautiful moment. So I’m going to give Kingdom Hearts III an 8.5 out of 10. I still loved it despite the flaws and I even cried a few times.

“Let your Heart be your Guiding Key.” Said by literally everyone in this game and the last.

So I decided to split up the post and everything from this point on will have a ton of spoilers

KINGDOM HEARTS Ⅲ_20190129180649

I’m going to start with my favorite worlds and Keyblades. That being said, all of the worlds are beautiful. I also loved each keyblade, but these are the ones that suited my play style the most.


Favorite Worlds: Toybox, Kingdom of Corona, and Olympus

Olympus is the first world that we get to see in the game and it is absolutely beautiful. The difference between Agora/Thebes and Olympus was an amazing way to split the world into two.

Olympus looked like it was right out of the cartoon and it really took me back to being a child and watching the Hercules animated series. This world had the heart in my opinion because Hercules and Sora had such a connection over the many games. I spent most of the time in excitement and awe over this world.

Kingdom of Corona was another beautiful world and I was so excited to be inside one of my favorite modern Disney films. My only bad not of this world is that the song when the lanterns were going up in the sky was not the same. I wanted to sing along. Getting to play along with Flynn and Rapunzel in your party was absolutely amazing. Plus the fact that we do not have to choose party members was amazing.

Toybox brought back so many memories for me and I couldn’t help myself with singing You’ve Got a Friend in Me under my breath the whole time. I think this music that got stuck in my head the most, but that’s absolutely fine. Plus the group as toys was so cute. I got very confused with the commercial in the beginning and I loved Rex calling Sora Yozora. This was definitely the hardest level for me in the beginning, but I enjoyed using the different mechs to help me out.

Other beautiful moments I loved was where Sora was on top of the bridge with Hiro and that small moment about Roxas making up the difference was amazing. Roxas running up to Xion was one of the most adorable things I have ever seen. There are so many great moments, so just let me know your favorite moment down in the comments below.

Favorite Keyblades: Ever After, Shooting Star, and Hero’s Origins.

KINGDOM HEARTS Ⅲ_20190130155341

Ever after almost felt like I was cheating because it was so powerful, but it is by far my favorite keyblade. The way it looked like the tower with the vines and flower was so beautiful. Then it’s power up which made you glide and shoot beams of light at your enemies was so helpful.

KINGDOM HEARTS Ⅲ_20190129215446

Shooting Star with its special form was definitely inspired by wisdom form in KHII. Plus I felt it was really helpful in Toybox when you are in the store. There were just so many enemies in that place to keep track of sometimes.

Hero’s Origins was a great strength keyblade and I loved that Counter Shield power up. Then you are riding in the chariot calling down lightning bolts at the end was amazing. Especially for the beginning of the game.

I feel as though the series has actually outgrown Kairi or maybe I have. It has been a long time since the last main game after all. I can’t ship a couple of characters if there has been no character development from one. Plus they have been apart for such a long time and they are definitely not the same people they were at the beginning of the series. I think that they would need to get each other all over again and that would have been a great arc.

I cringed so hard at the some of the Sora and Kairi scenes. I don’t know if it has to do with the new voice acting, but it definitely has to do with the writing. I felt as if she was literally just one of Vexen’s vessels standing there with no personality. Any personality she had in past games was washed away.

I was excited that they finally gave her a keyblade and I was like maybe they will finally give her some character development. Nope, they just kidnapped and then killed her off twice. I wanted this to be the moment that Kairi takes it all into her own hands and be more than a love interest.

I found the part where he didn’t save Kairi’s heart because she believed in him so much as bullshit. The completionist in me also just wanted save everyone’s heart and we didn’t go to Twilight Town. Yet Ven, who had lived inside Sora for so long, didn’t believe enough. That Riku didn’t believe enough when he jumped into the darkness to save Sora in the Mark of Mastery exam, and then sacrificed himself to try and beat the demon tower (hurricane?). Riku literally thought of Sora and he appeared in the Dark Realm in a beautiful sequence. Donald and Goofy, who went on every adventure and helped him didn’t believe enough. This whole series is about believing enough.

Sora has done so much for everyone else including every person he has ever met. He has connected with characters in every world he’s been in over the series. I feel as if they made Sora seem dumber than he actually is in this game. We all know he isn’t the smartest character around, but he has grown so much throughout all of these games that it seems harsh. He’s just so lovable and I wanted him to get a happy ending, but I don’t think we are done with him just yet.


I wanted more of the character interactions than we actually got. More of Sora and Ven finally meeting outside of his heart. Roxas and Sora interacting though I loved Roxas flying down to help his friends. I did enjoy the split second we had of Ven and Roxas looking at each other, but I wanted more. I’m just here for the friendship because his friends are his power.

The back half of the the game was literally all cutscenes. I told myself to stop for the night because I had work early the next morning and I got stuck basically watching cutscenes for a half hour. I think if there were more worlds, it would have helped balance it all out. The moral of the story is that I want more (Bonus points if you sing it like Ariel).

I also expected to get Aqua sooner and even Ven in the middle and Terra was always meant to be found at the end. I thought that they would have a lot to teach Sora and the rest and it makes me sad that we did not get that. We needed more of the BBS trio, but also Ven’s lisp was so adorable (It also helped differentiate with Roxas). I felt like Sora could have learned more and used some guidance from Aqua.

I threw my arms up in the air and literally shouted Ven when I saw him in that chair. Ven and Sora meeting in person was beautiful. The whole “You’re Sora” and “Call me Ven.” was so adorable. He was just pulling on my heart strings the whole rest of the game especially with Terranort. Ven and his Chirithy reuniting at the end made me so happy. Chirithy reminded me so much of my cat which is another thing I love about them. Plus they are voiced by the same woman who voiced Kari from Digimon which brought back so many childhood memories. Can you tell how much I love Ven?

Sora disappearing I’m choosing to see as he did save Kairi, or she just showed up, and he got lost somewhere else. The secret movie clearly leans towards that. Secret ending and the movie have my mind working in a million different directions. One thing’s for sure though, we are definitely not done yet. Sora is trapped in a realistic world (Yozora or TWEWY) and Riku is definitely looking for him. Hopefully it will not be such a long wait again.

Sora did not go through all that has happened to him for this to end this way. Literally everyone got a happy ending including Xehanort (sort of) and Sora just evaporated away. Not only did he evaporate away, but he did it while everyone was having a great day on the beach. Also what was up with Sora’s new haircut, there was just something off about it. So I was looking at all my screenshots of the game and I could see the visible difference from Olympus to the rest of the game.

We also have the whole Foretellers and Luxu/Xigbar plot beginning. That was so interesting to me because I have no idea how they are going to play into things going forward. I wouldn’t be surprised if Xigbar is not telling them the whole truth. Just something to get them on his side.


Riku’s new key is ugly to say the least, but I love the new name. Repliku not taking the body bothered me. I get that the theme of sacrifice is the bread and butter of this game, but Vexen is alive. He could have probably made another body. If Sora can have every aspect of himself and Ven out there than so can Riku.

I also kind of missed Cloud, Leon and the gang. They were such a big part of other games and it is a little weird to see Radiant Garden without them. Especially not seeing Leon worrying over Sora made me sad. Speaking of Radiant Garden, I got so tired of seeing worlds in cutscenes and then never going to them. Even if we did, we can never get back again. I just wanted to go back and take a ton of screenshots.

Just random aside, I love Ienzo so much. His reaction to not only to Demyx, but to Ansem was amazing. Luxord is such an interesting character and I really want to know what is card will do. Lea and Isa getting to have so many moments through this and then the ending touched my heart. Marluxia remembering himself is so interesting because I want to know where his character is going and if he is going to look for Strelitzia.

That brings me to unanswered questions that the game left me with Demyx and Luxord as keyblade wielders and what they look like. If Demyx’s isn’t like a wave that looks like the water is moving and the hand is his sitar I will be so sad. I know from research because I haven’t played much of Union X who Marluxia and Larxene were and some of their story, so I hope it all comes into play. I also wonder if the star in the Final World was Strelitzia, Subject X, or even Ava.

Speaking of the star, when they whispered the name, Sora didn’t react as if he knew who it was. We also did not hear who it said, so it must be important going forward. It could be related to Subject X that Isa and Lea made friends with and started their whole journey.

Lastly, who exactly was the 3rd heart inside of Sora. We know Roxas and Ven for sure, but there was one more. I’m hoping that as the games go forward we find out who it was. Unless I counted wrong, but I don’t think I did.

Even with all of these things said, I loved the game so much and I will definitely be playing it all over again. I played on Standard mode, so I definitely need to start my first proud mode playthrough soon. I also got my free gift from pre-ordering on Amazon, so I have a new keyblade to play around with.

Currently, I am replaying the series and I’m playing 2 at the moment. Let me know your favorite Kingdom Hearts game.



  1. Ugh I hated Olympus because the story just threw us in and I was like “did I buy the right game?” Lolol loved Corona cause I’m a huge frozen fan and I used Shooting star as much as I could! The honey blasters were a little stronger so I switched when I realized that but still shooting star was the best Keyblade as well as the Tangled one!
    Sora in general was just cringey especially him peeking in on all the romance like with tangled 😂 but overall I freaking loved this game so much. That ending had me crying with everyone getting back together ugh waited way too long for this


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