Wildcard Review

Wildcard is the sequel to the bestseller Warcross by Marie Lu. I couldn’t put down the first book, but I cannot say the same about the sequel It had its great moments, but most of the time I felt like I was slogging through to get to them. I felt as if the novel is too long at points. There were moments that I kept reading through because I wanted to see what big thing would happen next. Though I feel as if I forgot most of what happened in this novel as soon as I finished reading it.

It was confusing to follow the villain plot line. The story is split between three main villains; Hideo, Dana, and Zero. One gets his legal comeuppance, another dies, and one gets his identity redeemed.

Hideo’s character wasn’t that great of a villain and became very flat. The only points I felt that he actually showed emotion was when he was talking to or about Sasuke/Zero. In fact most of the emotion in the book was towards Zero. Whether it was running from him in fear or feeling sorrow in what happened to him. I will say that Kenn betraying Hideo felt very predictable especially in the way that

Dr. Dana Taylor was just the predictable villain. She didn’t really feel fleshed out. It was like she was supposed to be this woman in the background that would eventually come out to be one of the main villains. Jax made her sound more terrifying than she actually was in the end. There was just something about her backstory that I didn’t find believable to be have taken her on this journey to do such cruel things.

Zero’s character went on an interesting journey and it was not something I completely expected. He was an enigma that evolved through the story and I am both sad and glad where his character ended up. I did enjoy at the end where he just shows up and talks to Emika.

A good aspect of the book was getting to see a deeper look into the Phoenix Riders and Tremaine. We got to see more of their personalities and learn about their backgrounds. How they interacted with each other and how it fit into the story was great. I also missed the Warcross elements of the story which seemed to be just floating around in the background until the end.

Jax was a character I feel kind of on the fence about. She’s a tough character stuck in a terrible place. In the end, she stood up for what she believed in and took down a lot of people with her. I also enjoyed seeing how she and Sasuke grew up together and how it continued when he became an AI.

I’m not sure how I feel about Emika becoming the CEO of Heneka Games. I would have been happy without the epilogue because I felt like it felt unreal and unlike Emika. Plus Hideo is for the most part free and I am also conflicted about their relationship because of how much I loved them in the first book, but then he became what he did.

I’m going to give this book a 3.5/5 star rating.  If you read the book, let me know how you felt about it.

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