Why I Love Fantasy

Out of every genre, fantasy is probably my absolute favorite. It’s a simple why question and the answer comes to me in a million different thoughts.

I read sometimes to escape my own mind. Even as a child, I was very anxious and slipping into a new world was a good thing for me.

So I followed Harry into the Wizarding World and growing up to realize that I was definitively not a Gryffindor. Joining James and setting sail for New York City with him and his friendly insects (even though I am terrified of insects).

As I grew older, I fell right into the differing worlds of vampires. From True Blood, Twilight, Vampire Diaries, and The Marked; I was everywhere.

To running into Clary getting her first rune, meeting Will Herondale, and then following Celaena Sardothien become Aelin Ashryver Whitethorn Galathynius the demi-fae queen. Going to the Lyle House with Chloe in the Darkest Powers series.

Boarding with Rhoma on a quest through space to save the Zodiac from the 13th sign. To Percy becoming the demigod hero son of Poseidon and the following world travels with many new protagonists.

Falling back into time with Timeless and the The Last Magician and sailing the seas with a pirate queen. Summoning my first creature with Fletcher and reading about Simon and Baz.

To following Fae, fairy godmothers, witches, King Arthur, and more. I got to travel to worlds that wouldn’t exists without these books and all from the comfort of my own home.

There are too many reasons why I love fantasy. So here are some of the journeys I’ve taken and maybe you will discover a new one for you to take on your own.


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